Holistic Lifestyle Coaching offer wellness workshops for both corporate enterprises looking to improve employee productivity, creativity and health, and also workshops within your own home environment which focus on simple and delicious nutrition coaching using natural ingredients, organic food and traditional methods of cooking. All of our workshops give participants practical skills which can be applied immediately for better sustainable health and wellbeing.

Corporate Workshops

6 foundation principles of health underpin the practical strategies we use to increase productivity, creativity and health within the workplace. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching help participants understand stressors and their impact on their health and productivity. Engaging people with effective, simple solutions keep our workshops to the point so employees walk away with clear tactics they can apply straight away.

In Home Workshops

Our in-home workshops aim to provide small groups of people the opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment among an intimate, informal group of friends or family. We educate, demonstrate and motivate people to make wholesome food with unrefined, unprocessed ingredients, and we show you how to do it in your own kitchen.

Online Coaching 

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching have developed an online coaching and training system so that you are now not limited to where you live. Training programs are designed in 4 week blocks around your goals. Training online is a simple & specific way to achieve the goals you're after.

Programs are designed individually with 24-7 video programs, complete with structured nutrition guidelines, lifestyle tips and goal setting tasks to motivate you along the way.
Achieve the results you want today, book your very own Movement & Lifestyle program from $49.95

Programs come in E book formats, with easy to follow steps to help you achieve the movement and lifestyle goals you desire. You can now train when you want, how you want and wherever you want.

Holistic lifestyle coaching has helped me change my approach to food and how I now feed both myself and my family. I’d never really thought about food as being the fuel for your body. Now thanks to HLC educating me about how I should be eating, my eating habits are so different to what they use to be. I previously spent far too much time calorie counting and feeling guilty about eating things I shouldn’t. Now I just focus on eating lots of vegetables, good quality fish and meat and a handful of other foods and calorie counting is absolutely a thing of the past!
— Geetha