Holistic Lifestyle Coaching works with you to understand exactly who you are, where you’re headed, and how you can work within these parameters to achieve greater wellbeing.  Coaching methods revolve around 6 foundation principles of health. Thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, movement and circadian rhythm are the keys to simplicity and sustainability when working towards your biggest health and wellness goals. All sessions are conducted in a suitable outdoor environment or in the comfort of your own home. Initial sessions are facilitated using Holistic Lifestyle Coaching’s unique 1 2 3 approach:


1. Holistic Lifestyle Assessment:

Lifestyle assessments comprehensively identify how the foundations of health are being currently managed. Our aim is to set key priorities and clear direction for what is most important to achieve in relation to dreams and goals.  Holistic Lifestyle Coaching use the focus of empowering clients with knowledge and understanding around how lifestyle stressors, food, exercise, digestion and sleep help create the balance required for long term sustainable health.  

2. Biomechanical Assessment:

Time is spent to assess the mechanical structure of the body so that an individual stretching and strengthening program can be written. Assessment tools are used to help personalise corrective and movement programs based on the outcomes of a detailed length tensions, posture, stability and core function assessment.This allows a coach to prioritized exercises vs. physical potential. Completing a one on one assessment allows for the fastest results, new clients will learn specific mobilizations, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, movement pattern specific skills and how to gain maximum benefit from their time spent with a coach.

3. Movement & Lifestyle Program:

Clients are taken through their program step by step. The program is based on the philosophy of ‘the best program being the one that a participant will do’. That’s also why we value an open, communicative relationship with all of our clients so everything is agreed upon to ensure the optimal outcome. To put it simply, clients who have been assessed train more, are more efficient with their body and get longer lasting results.


One of the most valuable things that set Holistic Lifestyle Coaching apart from other trainers is the organisation that goes into each session. Every week, without doubt, the session is on time and completely organised which is important to me in maximising the time I have away from work during the day.
— Stuart