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My favourite part of part of training with HLC is the efficiency and effectiveness of their coaching sessions. It’s fun whilst still being focused and disciplined.
— Michelle

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching offer weekly group programming specifically focusing on physical development. All movements are prescribed for all levels without adding any unnecessary unprecedented stress on your body. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching use a combination of Barbell, Sled, Kettlebell, Bosu, Medicine Ball, Deadball, Dumbbell, Plyometric Boxes, Rings, Gymnastics, Cables, Rope and Pull Up Bars conditioning. Anything you see and know about Holistic Lifestyle Coaching offers, there are no restrictions training in an outdoor environment. Only benefits.

Group sessions provide improvements in strength, speed, mobility, power, stability and balance resulting in improved athletic performance and overall health.

I love it. I train hard, I enjoy it, I am outside, I learn a lot, I’m with a great bunch of people and I see results. Bottom line, it is a great investment of my time.
— Cara

Group coaching sessions begin with a specific mobility warm up of 8 mins followed by 6-8 minutes of session specific movement based skills & development to stimulate the musculoskeletal & nervous systems. The conditioning component of each session will run between 18 & 21 minutes, always followed by 6 minutes of core.

Each group runs for 45 minutes, all participants are encouraged to apply any additional and individualised mobility before each group session.

Scheduled semi private group coaching classes consist of between 3-8 participants, a smaller, more personalised group environment will provide the best possible interaction between the coach and time spent moving.

Group coaching classes range in price based on of sessions frequency per week.

Group sessions are currently held at outdoor locations across Buderim QLD, Balmoral Beach NSW & North Sydney.